Ohio Golf Journal January 2018

If you need a ‘break from it all’ – but still ‘have it all’ – Boyne Resorts could be the answer. Boyne Resorts not only has it all for the golfer, their buddies or their families – 10 courses in total – but the flip side is vacationers can also choose one of the resort’s three core locations to have a more tight- knit experience. Boyne Mountain is originally a ski resort that added golf in 1970. However, the Heather course at Boyne Highlands, which has hosted numerous state championships including the 100 th Michigan Amateur, celebrated its 50 th anniversary in 2016, while the Bay Harbor Golf Club hit its 20-year mark as well. All three locations are regarded by avid golfers and national course raters – myself included – as some of the finest in northern Michigan golf or anywhere in America. Boyne’s 3-location portfolio provides expansive golf variety, inland or along the water, without having to travel far, nor pack your luggage to change overnight lodging, unless you want to. Here is a summary of Boyne’s 10 course layouts, all within a 45-minute drive of each other and within walking distance at the three central lodging locations. Boyne Mountain Sometimes forgotten in the bevy of great course selections is the Mountain’s original Alpine Golf Course. Try not to skip it; what a Boyne is the Triple Threat Golf Resort 10 golf courses, golf training and special packages By Tom Lang Ohio Golf Journal