Ohio Golf Journal October 2018

Carolinas Quickly Rebound from Hurricane Florence By Fred Altvater On September 14 th Hurricane Florence hit the North and South Carolina shores. High winds knocked down trees and heavy rains dumped over 30 inches of water on the area. The good news is that after a brief respite for clean up and to allow the waters to abate, the golf industry in the Carolinas is back in business. Chris King in Myrtle Beach told us, “Hurricane Florence blew through the Carolinas, wreaking havoc with a lethal combination of wind and rain, but, fortunately, Myrtle Beach, golf’s most popular destination, avoided the worst of the storm’s wrath.” The golf courses on the Grand Strand were closed for a few days in the storm’s immediate aftermath, for debris cleanup, but they were devoid of structural damage. As the SUBSEQUENT ÛOODING FROM THE historic rainfall, worked its way back toward the Atlantic Ocean, it forced the closing of a handful of layouts, but despite the pictures broadcast on national media, the majority of courses were largely unscathed. By the beginning of October, the Myrtle Beach golf community returned to normal, just in time to Norman Course at Barefoot Landing, Myrtle Beach Ohio Golf J ournal