Ohio Golf Journal September 2018

No Guarantees on the PGA Tour By Ed Travis /N HIS 3IRIUS 8- 0'! 4OUR radio show, “A New Breed of Golf o -ICHAEL "REED HAS PROPOSED 0'! 4OUR PLAYERS missing the cut each week, should still earn a check. Breed feels the players HAVE EXPENSES AND BY THEIR MERE PRESENCE IN THE EVENT HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE ENTERTAINMENT VALUE OF THE TOURNAMENT ! TYPICAL ÚELD HAS A STARTING ÚELD OF players, but only the low 70 scores and ties, after the second round make the cut, with a chance to earn prize money that week. "REED CONTENDS THAT THE TOUR PROS THAT WERE nTRUNK SLAMMINGo ON &RIDAY NIGHT SHOULD RECEIVE A nMINIMUM WAGEo OF PER EVENT TO offset expenses. 4HAT WOULD REQUIRE AN ADDITIONAL EVERY week topayplayersmissing the cut. The players, that do make the cut, certainly wouldn’t be IN FAVOR OF REDUCING THE PRIZE money, nor would it make sense to decrease the amount GIVEN TO THE LOCAL CHARITIES BENEÚTING FROM THE 0'! 4OUR tournaments. /VER THE COURSE OF ONE YEAR funding players that miss THE CUT WOULD REQUIRE AN additional $10 million. -AYBE THE 0'! 4OUR CAN GET FedEx to up the ante a bit. 0ART OF THE ATTRACTION TO professional golf is the romance of young players constantly battlingtomakeitandcompeting against the big names, likeTiger, 0HIL $USTIN AND *ORDAN FOR A PIECE OF THE n"IG #HECK o Should those pros, missing the cut, be paid simply because THEY HAVE MADE A CHOICE TO PURSUE A PARTICULAR CAREER This idea seems to smack of GIVING EVERY KID A TROPHY SO no one goes home with hurt feelings. 4HE 0'! 4OUR SIMPLY PROVIDES an opportunity for tour PROFESSIONALS TO EARN A LIVING It does not and should not guarantee a player will earn money. .O ONE EVER SAID n'OLF IS A &AIR 'AME o Breed is consistently ranked as one of the most respected teachers in the game and not one to shy away from A CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC NOR RELUCTANT TO VOICE AN OPINION Michael contacted me after MY ÚRST COLUMN ON THIS TOPIC appeared. We talked for 30