Ohio Golf Journal September 2018

Most golfers grab their sticks from the trunk, lace up their GOLF SHOES AND HEAD TO THE ÚRST tee, but for another group of special golfers, the game is a bit more challenging. 4HE 5NITED 3TATES !DAPTIVE 'OLF !LLIANCE 53!'! HOSTED THE .ATIONAL !DAPTIVE 'OLF Championship last month AT THE &ORTRESS 'OLF #LUB IN Frankenmuth, Michigan. /VER GOLFERS TRAVELED FROM AS FAR AWAY AS .EW :EALAND and Korea to compete in this UNIQUE EVENT AND PROVE TO the world that a prosthetic, or EVEN PARTIAL PARALYSIS IS NOT A VALID REASON TO STOP PLAYING golf. 4HESE GOLFERS MAY REQUIRE para-mobile carts, specially BUILT EQUIPMENT OR OTHER DEVICES TO ASSIST THEM ON the course, but their desire TO COMPETE OVERRIDES ANY DIFÚCULTIES THEY FACE !DAPTIVE GOLF ADVOCATE AND SURVIVOR OF A SEVERE HEAD TRAUMA INJURY COMA AND partial paralysis, Rich O’Brien told us, “According to US Census "UREAU APPROXIMATELY million Americans (19%) suffer from some form of DISABILITY /F THAT TOTAL AN estimated 18 million of them played golf before suffering their disability. )N ADDITION A STUDY CONDUCTED by the National Center on !CCESSIBILITY IN CONJUNCTION WITH #LEMSON 5NIVERSITY revealed a strong desire to USAGAHolds National Adaptive Golf Championship By Fred Altvater Ohio Golf Journal