Are JumboMax Grips Right for YOU?

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By Bill Cuebas

In a recent interview, John Mazzanoble, president of JumboMax Grips, provided insight into the research and technology that led to the manufacture of JumboMax Grips.


 He explained why he uses the JumboMax Tour series midsize grips on his irons, but bumps up to the extra-large size for his wedges.


Upon receiving a set of JumboMax grips for review, I was pleased to find them sporting a red, white and blue color scheme to represent my devotion to the Folds of Honor and support of our heroic troops stationed around the world.


Taking John’s advice, I had the mid-size installed on my irons, as well as, woods, with the extra-large grips on my wedges.


The Finger-Palm technology used in JumboMax grips was immediately recognizable. They allowed the club to rest in the strongest part of my hand, which created a stable, more efficient golf swing. The larger sizing of the grip itself relaxed my overall grip pressure and prevented squeezing tightly as I held the club in my hand.


Releasing tension in my grip created a more powerful swing, while at the same time preventing a rolling of my wrists and kept the club head more on line to the target at impact.   




 After installing the JumboMax Grips, I noticed a more consistent ball flight. My slight fade became the “baby draw” that we all strive for.


The extra-large grips installed on my wedges generated a higher launch angle and better control on short shots, as well.


For chipping around the green, the larger grip prevented a flipping of the hands, which resulted in more desirable control.  


There is no doubt that these grips have changed my ball flight and in turn my overall game.


Another benefit of JumboMax grips is they lessen stress in the hands and forearms for those golfers struggling with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other issues. The grips are made with shock absorbing qualities that deaden the vibration of the club as it makes contact with the ball and strikes the ground.


In addition, the larger grip allows for a lighter grip, reducing tension, which decreases pain and exhaustion in your hands and arms, both during and after the round.


Try JumboMax Grips for yourself. Ask for them at your favorite pro shop or visit them online at:



This information was taken from an interview on the October 28, 2017 Biggs Golf Talk that can be heard in its entirety:

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