Inside OGIO’s New 2018 Cirrus MB Stand Bag

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By Bill Cuebas
The brand name OGIO should conjure images of high quality and innovative design. The company creates golf products that are stylish, as well as, functional.

My first thoughts were of how incredibly light the bag felt. At just over three pounds, OGIO uses the most lightweight fabrics and materials to help the golfer stay fresh on the course.
The sharp design and simple black coloring allows your clubs to be the most visible things on the golf cart. The zipper pulls even have thumb holes for easier opening and closing, rather than cumbersome smaller ones on other brand bags.
The OGIO bag has the same Airflow technology used in their other golf accessories. This technology controls heat and air circulation for any valuable electronics you are carrying. Plus, it helps circulate air between your body and the bag to keep you cool and dry, if you are carrying.
While you may be lucky enough to have your Cirrus golf bag placed on a golf cart instead of your back, it’s a certainty that your phone or other valuables, tucked safely into one of the bag’s four pockets, will stay cool and dry, as well. It’s important to keep them safe from heat and the outside elements as you are.
The clubs do fit tighter than other bags, but were easy to retrieve and return after use. The bag’s light weight makes it effortless to carry. The snug fit of the clubs prevents constant banging against one another.
OGIO continues to use their innovative designs to reduce discomfort on the course. If you’re just carrying from your car to the cart, or walking a full 36 holes, the four-point strap equalizing system provides a comfortable balance, even with a full bag.
OGIO’s Fit Disc system allows the bag to constantly lay in the perfect spot and never tangle. This simple fact allows you to pick up the straps without undue effort.
The Cirrus MB bag is a stand bag with the highest quality foot and leg mechanisms, you never need to worry about falling over or faulty slides.
OGIO strives to retain a stylish, yet functional component in every piece that they create. The Cirrus MB Bag is no exception.

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