Lower Your Handicap & Play Pain Free 

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Everyone, who participates in sports activities, is looking for an edge. Whether you’re a pro athlete, with a multi-million-dollar contract, or a weekend golfer trying to take a few dollars from your buddies on the 18th hole. Another universal truth is that the harder you play, the more often you feel the pain.


Most athletes have experienced the nagging pains associated with strenuous physical activity, and golfers are usually near the top of the list. Unless you have the flexibility of Justin Thomas or Dustin Johnson, trying to duplicate that body torque and range of motion does not come naturally for most of us. 


Experts aren’t needed to assess the most common areas of soreness from a golf swing, which results in an achy back, shoulder, knee, hip, elbow, or feet pain.


Several media members playing a round of golf at Lake Nona Country Club in January discovered a new way to combat pain, without taking a handful of pain pills.


The Oska Pulse is a breakthrough wearable, medical, technology device that reduces pain. The device uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, setting up an electromagnetic field near the area of pain, which promotes blood flow, reduces inflammation and relieves pain.


Operating in 30-minute, renewable cycles, the device is about the size of a computer mouse. It has a range of approximately two feet and doesn’t have to be in direct contact with the skin or ache. A golfer with a sore back could put it in his back pocket and still enjoy his round of golf, while the Oska works to sooth the problem area.


One player was reluctant to try the break-through product, because of sciatica, but he completed a full 18 holes pain free, while using it.


Oska Wellness was selected “Startup of the Year” by Tech.co in partnership with the Consumer Technology Association. The Oska Pulse was a huge hit at the CES show in Las Vegas, that showcases the most advanced technology product from around the globe.


“Many golfers have told us that they have cut back on playing golf due to elbow, hip, wrist, knee, back pain and more,” said Greg Houlgate, CEO/President Oska Wellness.


“Those who have used Oska Pulse now view the device as just as important to managing their aches as a putter or a driver is to his or her game.”           


The Oska doesn’t vibrate or heat up, which differentiates it from other pain relief technology. It represents a new technologically savvy method to solve a very old problem – how to handle pain.


Steve Wilson, Director of Golf at The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe told us,


“Many of my members, as well as myself, use Oska Pulse in preparation for the day, especially before a round of golf or during practice.  Oska Pulse has been a big success at our club.”  


Golfers and other athletes are well versed on confronting pain. A ball in knee-high rough is one thing, but a cranky sore knee is quite another.


The Oska Pulse will help alleviate the pain and if you can play pain-free, strokes should disappear off your scorecard, as well.


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