Matt Ginella Finds Bandon Dunes to be a Magical Experience

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By: Fred Altvater


Golf Channel’s Travel Expert, Matt Ginella can travel to any golf course in the world and be welcomed with open arms. But, where does he go, when he gets the chance for a personal golf vacation? Bandon Dunes, of course.

Ginella thinks so highly of Mike Keiser’s creation on Oregon’s Pacific Cliffs, that he named his son Bandon.

At the end of the year, Ginella found himself a few airmiles short of Platinum status for Delta and decided a quick trip with his wife, Katie and young son, to Bandon Dunes could kill several birds with one stone. He could accumulate the required airmiles, spend some quality time with his family, plus get in a few rounds at the popular resort in the process.

Ginella said of his magical trip,

“What started as a spontaneous trip to get the necessary Delta miles for a 2018 upgrade to Platinum status, quickly became one of the more spiritual and special trips of my life.

Yes, it was to Bandon Dunes, which never disappoints, but this time, instead of making the trek with a band of buddies, I’d be bringing Baby B and Katie G.

It was time for Bandon to see Bandon, and it was time for my wife to get her eyes on why this particular spot is worthy of our son’s first name. It far-exceeded her expectations and it was as if Bandon had been there before.

We walked him around Preserve, the Punchbowl and the back 9 of Bandon Dunes. He sat in Uncle Tony’s favorite bench and I showed them where we spread some of his ashes. (I also showed them where one day they might be spreading mine.)

As Katie often plays the role of my caddie in this game called life, they got to meet Bro, my caddie at Bandon.

Yes, I got Platinum, but these 24 hours were pure Gold. And we will all be back.”

Ginella very eloquently gives us an insight into the very core of a golfer’s soul in his short narrative posted to Facebook. Every golfer holds a certain connection deep within his soul to his favorite course or resort and can’t wait to share that experience with his friends and family.

In Ginella’s case his attachment to Bandon Dunes is so acute that he even named his first-born son after Keiser’s creation.

A true golfer feels the game deeply in his soul, as well as, a religious connection to the game, the course and its traditions.

Well Played, Sir.


(Pictures compliments of Matt Ginella)


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