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Evans Scholar Invitational at Butterfield CC 0n Monday Aug 1, 2016 WGA/Charles Cherney Photography

By Fred Altvater


The best way to enjoy a round of golf is with a knowledgeable caddie. Becoming a caddie is the best job for young people to learn the game, basic work skills and gain confidence to succeed in life.

Understanding the importance of the traditional caddie, two new programs are available to find and place trained caddies at your club.


WGA’s Carry the Game

The Western Golf Association (WGA), who oversees the Evans Scholars Foundation, is continuing to promote and expand the use of caddies through a new program called, ‘Carry the Game.’

Teenagers, who become caddies, learn valuable life lessons, develop a strong work ethic, acquire money management skills, and make valuable professional contacts. Caddies learn about the game and can receive life-changing benefits, instrumental to a young person’s individual growth.

Carry the Game operates under the organizational umbrella of the WGA with the help of the World Golf Foundation, United States Golf Association, PGA of America, The First Tee and Youth on Course, among other groups. This special collaboration to promote the role of youth caddying within the game of golf will encourage a new generation of young golfers to play the game.

Carry the Game will be a resource for anyone interested in becoming a caddie or forming a youth caddie program. An extensive research project has also been initiated to provide data on the current state of youth caddying.

The overall goal of Carry the Game is to increase the number of youth caddies by helping to establish additional caddying opportunities at golf clubs nationwide. Carry the Game will also promote youth caddie programs, as a means to create future golfers, plus preserve, as well as, enhance the tradition of the caddie in golf.

The program offers caddie training materials, a caddie club locator, best practices on creating and managing programs, media and public relations support, and knowledge and expertise on all caddie-related topics.

For more information, visit the website:





The CaddieNow App offers an easy and affordable way for a golfer to book a caddie, a caddie to find a loop and for courses to provide premium services at no additional cost.

Think of CaddieNow as an Uber for carrying your golf bag. Once the app is downloaded to your phone, every golfer can use the CaddieNow service at participating courses.

Revenue streams provided by golf carts have affected caddie programs at most golf courses. Many golfers would prefer walking, but have not had the option of a caddie.

CaddieNow wants to restore the caddie tradition. 

Return to the way golf was meant to be played, visit the CaddieNow website:, book a caddie for your next round. Get more exercise, provide an income for a young person and enjoy the game more.

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