TGA Premier Golf Brings Golf to School

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By: Fred Altvater


Remember when you were in elementary school and enjoyed recess and physical education classes. Baseball, soccer, football and basketball were the games most prevalent on the school yard. TGA Premier Golf is changing all of that by helping to bring golf directly to schools.

Joshua Jacobs the CEO of TGA Premier Golf told us,

“TGA (Teach Grow Achieve) Premier Golf fills a void in the industry by delivering introductory programs and bringing the sport directly onto school campuses while solving junior golf’s primary barriers to entry: accessibility, cost, time, transportation and fun,”

For years junior golf programs relied on philanthropic contributions to conduct wide-spread introductory golf programs to young children. Most children learn to play golf with a parent at the local club, or through junior clinics offered by a local golf professional. Both options lack the ability to reach a wide audience of potential golfers.

One of the larger junior programs, the PGA Junior League reaches approximately 33,000 junior golfers every year. In addition, Drive, Chip & Putt, along with Youth on Course reach 18,000 each.

By brining introductory golf programs directly into the school systems, TGA Premier has reached a total of 670,000 children and will reach 55,000 ages 5-12 this year. Golf industry analysts talk about reaching millennials, what better way than to introduce golf to their children in school. Maybe the kids will drag mom and dad to the golf course.

In fact, one of the more exciting byproducts of the TGA program is the opportunity to reach millennials. TGA has learned that if you activate juniors, the probability of activating the parents increases as golf becomes a fun family activity. TGA franchises are now providing parent clinics to get them started in the game.

TGA makes golf affordable and available to children, which provides a higher probability of bridging the gap between professional instruction and recreational programs at golf courses and driving ranges.

TGA is a complete for-profit franchise business for golf entrepreneurs based on growing the game in each local community. It incorporates classroom curriculum subjects and STEM using golf as a conduit and at the same time promoting physical fitness, as well as, healthy living.

Successful young PGA Tour professionals such as, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, as well as, Lexi Thomson and Lydia Ko, on the LPGA Tour are helping to introduce a new crop of junior golfers to the game.

Jacobs said,

“The demand to learn to play golf is at an all-time high. To capture that demand the industry has a great opportunity to plant the seeds to succeed long term. If we focus on and invest in scalable, sustainable and replicable introductory programs offered in the right environment.”

The TGA program puts golf clubs into the hands of children and allows them find out for themselves how much fun the game can be.

TGA has also expanded their offerings to include, cheerleading, lacrosse, tennis, football, hockey and volleyball.

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